ZIP and Unzip from within your Access Database


Add ZIp and Unzip features to your databs with the free Info-Zip DLLs.  The DLLs can be placed in the same folder as you database. You do NOT have to regerster then in Windows to use them.
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Created Date: 03-12-2016
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FTP Client functions
This database is in 2000 format. It contains an example of how to perform FTP tasks from withitn Access like, upload, download, and browse the directory on an FTP site.
This is an example in 2000 format that shows several example of encryption. The code used in the modules was written by Dermot Balson.
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Generate / Validate License Key tied to Name
There is a  VB code example from Brian Gillham that works great The original link can be found here:   Here is the code modified to work in VBA with Access.