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The most important part of starting any database application is first having a great set of tables. Everything else in Access is built on top of the tables. 

I am in the process of creating Access Database Templates that will help you get started with your new Access database application.



Did you know that Access is NOT a database but a Front End?

What? How can that be?  I am able to create tables in Access. This is true because Access really is a Front End to a database engine.

 Access interfaces with a database engine that manages the database. Access is a GUI front end for the JET and/or ACE database engines depending on the version of Access. The JET database engine is what manages the .mdb format.  In Access 2007 there was a new database engine introduced called ACE. ACE is what manages the new .accdb format.


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Microsoft Most Valued Professional MVP - Access Expert

Boyd Trimmell
aka HiTech Coach
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