Microsoft Most Valued Professional MVP - Access Expert


  Boyd Trimmell, aka HiTech Coach
  Microsoft MVP - Access Expert

What is a Microsoft  Most Valuable Professional (MVP)?
Microsoft  awards the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in recognition of significant contributions made to technical communities by sharing high quality, real world expertise. Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are a worldwide network of exceptional technical community leaders.

"If technology doesn't work for people, then it doesn't work."
- Kim Vicente

Deploying Application (Front End) Updates

There several methods you can use to deploy the new Application (front End) version to all the users on the local network (LAN).

Here are some of the commonly used solutions:

1) Manually copy the file from the server to a the local folder.

2) Use a .CMD fiule to copy the new version from the server and launch the application (front End)

3) Use some type of auto updater. This will automatically detect and copy a new version application (front End).

Tools to help deploy your Access Application (front end) on a LAN

Auto FE Updater

Application Starter

BTAB Development - Free access Code for deploying updates

Easy Front-End AutoUpdater for large (or small) database environ

Front End Automatic Update to New Version

Using  VBScript

Peter Hibbs' VB6 app  Front End Updater Utility