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1   Link   2003 VBA Functions (by category)
2   Link   A work in Progress and 64 Bit VBA
3   Link   Access Reference Problems
From time to time, you may find that common functions like CurrentDB, Str$ or Mid$ stop working. This condition is usually caused by a reference error in the database. (All Access databases contain references, which are a way of referring to another application's or project's type library. In general, you want to ensure that the files referenced in an Access application exist in exactly the same location on the client workstations as they did on the development workstation, and that each referenced file is the same version on all workstations.) Avoiding reference issues require an understanding of how libraries are referenced in an Access database and what is needed to install a database on a target machine without breaking these references.

4   Link   An Introduction to the Scripting Runtime Object Library
Although some applications link to foreign files, an Access database generally contains all the objects an application needs. As a result, file management isn't the same kind of laborious affair it is with other applications. However, that doesn't mean you'll never need to work with data files and folders. If you're lucky, the task will be small and easily handled by the VBA functions and statements. On the other hand, major file management can quickly run into some long, convoluted code. When this is the case, we recommend you consider using the Scripting Runtime Object Library instead of the VBA functions and statements. You'll find this library much better suited to file management than VBA's counterparts. Although the Scripting Runtime Object Library was born from the need to manipulate files via the Internet, you'll find it works equally well with most Visual Basic applications.
5   Link   Conquer Access RunCommand Constants
Great information and VBA code examples for using DoCmd.RunCommand
6   Link   Convert Currency ($500) into words (Five Hundred Dollars)
Here is how to have Access convert the currency value "$531.20" into the text "Five hundred thirty one and twenty cents."

7   Link   Decompile Your Microsoft Access Database
Decompile Your Microsoft Access Database to Improve Performance, Fix Corruption, and Avoid Strange VBA Errors

Periodically, Microsoft Access databases with VBA module code perform oddly. Code that previously worked suddenly fail or behaves incorrectly.

It's all very confusing, especially when Compact and Repair does not help.

The initial assumption is that the database is corrupt, which is partially true. People then resort to creating a new database and importing their objects into it which is time consuming and a pain. It solves the problem, but there's a better alternative to check first.

8   Link   ExportXML Method
The ExportXML method allows developers to export XML data, schemas, and presentation information from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000), Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 or later, or the Microsoft Jet database engine.

9   Link   How Access resolves Visual Basic for Applications references
This article discusses the sequence of tasks that Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft Office Access 2003, Microsoft Access 2002, Access 2000, or Access 97 performs to resolve the references in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
10   Link   How do I... Retrieve a random set of records in Microsoft Access?
11   Link   HyperlinkPart Method [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]
** Applies to Access 2003, Access 2007, and Access 2010 **

You use the HyperlinkPart method to return one of three values from a Hyperlink field or the displayed value. The value returned depends on the setting of the part argument. The part argument is optional. If it's not used, the function returns the value Microsoft Access displays for the hyperlink (which corresponds to the acDisplayedValue setting for the part argument). The returned values can be one of the four parts of the Hyperlink field (displaytext, address, subaddress, or screentip), the full address, address#subaddress, or the value Microsoft Access displays for the hyperlink.

12   Link   Hyperlinks: warnings, special characters, errors
13   Link   How to resolve reference issues in an Access database
his article describes issues that concern the use of references in an Access database.

Understanding reference errors requires an understanding both of how libraries are referenced in an Access database and of what is needed to install a database on a target computer without breaking these references. This article is a summary of the following topics:

Viewing Access database references
Resolving Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications references in Access
Understanding reference error messages
Resolving reference issues on the development computer
Distributing database files
Updating the reference list
Distributing database files that have ActiveX controls
Reregistering a file

14   Link   How to use the OpenDatabase method to open password-protected databases
his article describes how to use the OpenDatabase method to open a Microsoft Access database that has a database password. Note that this is different from opening a database that is secured with the Microsoft Access user-level security feature.
15   Link   Introduction To Classes
Classes are a powerful tool in intermediate to advanced level VBA programming. This page is an introduction to what a class and an object are and will hopefully get you started working with classes. This is by no means a comprehensive guide
16   Link   Inventory Control: Quantity on Hand
written by Allen Browne

"How do I update the Quantity On Hand each time an item is sold/used?" The simple answer is: You don't! You calculate the value when you need it.

The calculation is very simple: the total number acquired, less the number disposed of. Just use DSum() on the table of acquisitions to get the number acquired for any product. Another DSum() expression on the table of uses/invoices gets the number disposed of. For the simplest databases, that's all you need.
17   Link   Importing and Exporting XML Data Using Microsoft Access
18   Link   Late Binding in Microsoft Access
Late binding means you can do not have to concern yourself with what version of other software, such as Word, Excel or Outlook, being installed on the target system. Or if that software is not installed at all on the target system.. We found this problem when a client had Outlook 98 everywhere and the IT manager decided to load Outlook 2000 just to play with it. You will, of course, have to ensure you do not use any version specific code.
19   Link   MSDN ADOX Fundamentals
20   Link   MSDN ADO Programmer's Reference
This section contains the following topics.
ADO API Reference, RDS API Reference, ADO MD API Reference, ADOX API Reference
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